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Over-the-Air Live Data for Porsche

Over-the-air live data for Porsche

Today, we're proud to present you with a new live data connection option for the Porsche EV models, brought forth through direct collaboration with the team at Porsche.

This new connection option uses the new Porsche Connect API via High Mobility as the data broker and offers data quality on a new level, far from what we see from most other existing vehicle APIs. The data even enables calibration of your vehicle's consumption as you drive, something we can only achieve with top-notch data sources.

With an ABRP Premium membership, we're now able to offer you the following features with this connection:

  • Driving data (Optional to log with My Drives)

  • Charging data (Optional to log with My Drives)

  • Calibrated reference consumption, learning your consumption as you drive

  • Remote data so that you can check the car status on your phone

Other neat features of this live data connection include not requiring any additional hardware, nor does the user sign up for any additional subscriptions* - everything is available in one place for A Better Routeplanner Premium members. With the ABRP Premium membership, you can also use ABRP with CarPlay or Android Auto directly in the Porsche and get a full EV navigation experience with live data from the car, chargers, traffic and get live follow-up as you road trip your premium EV. is the world’s largest independent EV route planning service and simply the best way to plan and drive with your EV. The quality of the planning makes it the world reference, and we continuously improve it with the help of feedback from the millions of users using it.

Thank you Porsche for working with us, and thank you to all our users for making ABRP better!

*Except for the manufacturer's own connected services, in this case, 'Porsche connect'.



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Q: How do I upgrade to ABRP Premium to use this live data connection?

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