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A Better Routeplanner 4.5.0

A Better Routeplanner 4.5.0

We proudly present ABRP 4.5.0! With new and more informative charger markers on the map in adaptive sizes and real-time information (for ABRP Premium members). On top of that, we have improved the My Drives* feature, making it clearer and more beautiful, as well as improved the app's performance in general.

New Look: A cleaner range of icons

Introducing a new range of icons for chargers, favorite destinations, and route events such as planned charging stops and ferries.

A new and cleaner look in ABRP 4.5.0 with improved design of charger icons

The new markers are also available in the in-car versions of ABRP on CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new design of charger markers in ABRP 4.5.0 is also applied in CarPlay and Android Auto.

An upgraded My Drives*

We've improved the Premium feature My drives*, to provide a better overview of logged driving, and charging activities. In the new version, activities will be clustered as 'trips', providing a cleaner view of, for instance, longer road trips with multiple charging stops.

Improved design of logged activities in My Drives, with activities clustered as trips.

Explore logged driving and charging activities in detail with My Drives*

View the recorded driving speed vs consumption of your driving sessions.

View recorded driving speed vs consumption with the new improved design of My Drives in A Better Routeplanner

Check logged driving sessions charging speed over time versus battery percentage.

Check logged driving sessions charging speed over time versus battery percentage.

In summary, this update makes ABRP an even better navigation companion for the EV driver. Try the web version of A Better Routeplanner and see the new features and UI updates today!

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*Requires a live data connection. Please see our Live Data Comparison for compatibility and alternatives. For instructions on how to link your vehicle, visit our FAQ.

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