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A Better Routeplanner 4.3.0

ABRP Premium live data, CarPlay love, and more exact car models. We are proud to present a new major release of ABRP with tons of updates and improvements for all EV drivers out there! Notice: As of Jan 19 2023 this feature has been discontinued and is no longer available as part of the ABRP Premium package. For alternative options please reach out to our support.

ABRP Premium Live Data Connection

For ABRP Premium subscribers, we now offer a live data connection to your EV over-the-air for a wide variety of supported car brands! This can be used as a super-convenient (but somewhat data-limited) way to get live data from your car, or as a complement to more detailed data e.g. via ABRP OBD connection. The data quality is limited to what the specific car reports over-the-air. Premium subscribers now get even more functionality!

Lots of love given to CarPlay

CarPlay has received a lot of love, and we have added 'next charger information' with availability, charge time flags, a lot more descriptive UI including both speed limit and current (GPS) speed, and lots of other improvements.

Refreshed rendition of Android Auto

Android Auto has been updated to display more information about the upcoming charge stop such as availability.

Besides this, we've also started making preparations for the coming update of Android Auto (Coolwalk) and its new split-screen support capabilities. Current Android beta testers can try out ABRP in split-screen view already today!

Many new EV models added, as well as existing ones updated with more precise consumption numbers

Our EV library has been significantly updated using data from live data connections - many models are now upgraded to a mature level, cold weather heating has been improved, and much more. Perhaps most importantly, we have removed the consumption margin we have had since the beginning of ABRP, and now we're showing our best-estimated consumption/range estimates instead of pessimistic values.

To show that weather plays a significant role, we have also added "seasonal weather" for all users, by default. This will account for a shorter range in typical winter periods, depending on your location.

New feature: Favorite settings for creating a plan quickly

Favorite settings have been added below the address input to allow you to quickly tweak your most used settings options without having to go back into the whole settings menu. Add your favorite options among; Charge Stops Frequency, Active Charge Cards, Network Preferences, Arrival SoC, and Automatic Settings Button.

Improved navigation instructions

We've expanded the amount of map data we base navigation instructions on and thereby we've been able to significantly refine and improve the instructions we give you in driving mode. We'll now show lane information in more instructions to let you know where to position yourself in time for the upcoming turn. Road signs are more accurately interpreted and displayed and we've also started displaying the symbols for hospitals and highways one may find on road signs. In summary, this update makes ABRP an even better navigation companion for the EV driver!

New feature: Auto-detection for OBD BLE devices

We now perform automatic checks of to us unknown OBD dongles to investigate if they have the necessary properties to be used with ABRP. Every unknown dongle is logged so that we more easily can verify and add more supported devices. Tried and known devices are listed with the Bluetooth icon in the list of detected devices and unknown devices are listed with a question mark icon.

Read more about connecting to your vehicle via OBD BLE here.

New feature: Nearby chargers

Nearly out of juice? You can now with the press of a button explore nearby charging options and have the ABRP app create a plan for you, to ensure you've got enough charge to get there and charge up.

Redesigned and improved UI details

Finally, we have made the app faster and more beautiful with a nicer font and a better-adjusted color palette in both light and dark modes. Vehicles have had brand logos added to make selection easier, as well as the display of the currently selected one visually clearer. Along with this, we've also improved the user profile page allowing users to easily check their current account roles (such as tester, premium, etc.) as well as see currently linked accounts/login methods and link additional ones.

Try the web version of A Better Routeplanner and see the new features and UI updates today!

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Mark Mathis
Mark Mathis

Very sad to see the notification this morning that Live Data is no longer going to be supported. The message states that adoption and use was low...we really loved the simplicity of SOC updates from our car to ABRP without having to fuss with the BLE dongle - which often requires resets, etc. to get connected for telemetry. 😕



Hi there.

Is Live data (SOC%) from own car only for premium users

Best reg. Kenneth

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