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ABRP Premium Live Data Beta

Notice: As of Jan 19 2023 this feature has been discontinued and is no longer available as part of the ABRP Premium package. For alternative options, please reach out to our support.

Notice: As of Nov 25 2022 this beta program is no longer available and ABRP Premium Live data is instead available to all ABRP Premium subscribers.

Real-world vehicle data could be considered one of the most crucial pieces when creating accurate plans for electric vehicles. While a good number of our vehicle models can already be connected through various third-party and direct connection options, we are always looking for higher quality and more accessible options. Today we are pleased to announce the beta program for a new OTA live data source which we plan on adding as a feature available to all our Premium users, making the package an even more complete solution including planning, navigation, and soon also live data without additional subscriptions or hardware.

But before the full release, we, of course, want to conduct a proper beta test to detect issues that may be specific to, for instance, certain vehicle models. We've got 100 spots for ABRP Premium users with supported vehicle models to join the beta test. Before joining, please consider the following;

  1. Check that your car is on the list of supported vehicles (Please note that the following vehicle brands are excluded from the linked list; Hyundai, Kia, Opel, Peugeot, and Tesla.)

  2. Verify that you are able to get data from your car remotely, such as in the manufacturer's app. Most modern cars should support this, but older models may need to have connectivity services enabled by the manufacturer.

  3. Make sure to have a saved vehicle in your ABRP account to which you want to get live data to

  4. Only join the beta program if you think you'll have the time to evaluate the connection and provide feedback

Once you're ready, click the button below to join and get access. We recommend doing this in a web browser on a PC where you are already logged into your ABRP account.

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