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Student at Rivian and Iternio in Lund

We are offering students at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University an opportunity to do a summer internship or a master’s thesis. As a leading actor in the area of sustainable transportation, we have the privilege of being able to provide a wide set of meaningful projects.

Summer internship topics:

  • App development - be a part of our frontend team and develop new features in our App, AbetterRoutePlanner. You will learn to develop multi-platform (React Native) including a native app in our Polestar 2. The code you write will be deployed to millions of users!

  • Vehicle consumption and charging modelling and maturing of models based on data we collect from our users driving and charging.

  • Data analytics - Get access to millions of real-world data points and help improve our modeling, and prediction of the consumption of a vehicle. Help, us determine what data we should collect, and how we can use it to improve the experience of our end-users. Or, analyse the historical drives and develop Driving KPIs to determine how good our plans were, and what we should improve on. 

  • Explore our user-generated content, photos, and reports for chargers - what can we automate, how can we combine data and how can we best use them for reliability metrics in planning?


Master's thesis topics:

  • Electrified logistics use cases - pair up with a logistics company or use case and use the Iternio EV planning and vehicle model components to explore how to solve this use case with electric vehicles. Where to deploy chargers? How many vehicles? How much range? How much money and CO2 can be saved?

  • Work on observability for our core cloud machinery. Which services consume the most resources, what is the latency and where are errors appearing? What processes and KPIs do we need to improve the quality of our service?

  • Charging network planning tool concept - create a tool to help plan and build out a charging network. You will get access to bas your on the components, data and knowledge within the company.

Send your CV including LTH grades and ideas to to get in touch with us and apply!

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