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Iternio APIs

EV Planning API

The Iternio EV route planner is built around the same route optimizer which powers the well-known and highly trusted ABetterRoutePlanner app. As ABRP is developed, the same features also become available in the route planning API; new car models, weather features, charger database updates, and so on.


To be able to use the API, you will need to obtain an API key. The pricing is simple: There is a small setup cost for new customers and thereafter we charge per successful plan delivered by the API, that is specifically the plan endpoint documented below. All other calls are free of charge.


The API is a standard REST API with HTTP parameters and JSON output. The API is versioned, and the present version is 1. When we introduce non-backward compatible changes, we will bump the API version and run the versions in parallel as long as it is possible.

Contact us at to discuss your need and obtain an API key.

Telemetry API

The Iternio Telemetry API allows your application to send data to A Better Routeplanner for use in driving with live data and helps us improve our car modeling.

To be able to use the API, you will need to obtain an API key and a user token for each user. The Telemetry-Only API keys are free and get you basic access to the Telemetry API. Contact us at to receive a Telemetry API key. The API key identifies your application to our server for authentication.

There are two ways of retrieving a user token for each telemetry, which is needed to identify the user (and vehicle) to the server so we can deliver the telemetry to them. The preferred method is via OAuth2 (See OAuth2 API), which will return a user token without any data entry. It’s also acceptable to have the user retrieve a token from our Live Data Setup screen. deep links

The ABRP app in iOS/Android on the web can be started by linking users to the standard URL . In addition, there are a set of URL deep linking parameters to allow you to configure ABRP in various ways so that the user gets a pre-selected plan or car model or similar. The set of deep links will be extended if there is interest for more.


OAuth2 provides a means of authenticating users easily and providing a secure and convenient way to identify and authenticate the user with Iternio. To set up OAuth2 with Iternio you will need an API key, and to provide us with a redirect URL and Application name. To get set up, send us an email at

Authorization Call


The first call made returns an HTML page on which the user can log in and approve the use of your application. If this HTML page is opened in the user’s default browser, their login may be cached and simplifies the process further.

The requested scopes have different effects. Get Telemetry allows you to retrieve the user’s telemetry from our server, Get Plan lets you retrieve a compressed version of the most recent plan created by the user, and Set Telemetry lets you upload data points for the user.

Once the user approves the request you will receive the following at your redirect URI:


Token Retrieval Call


Once you have received an authorization code from the user, you can then retrieve the token. This token can be stored and reused as many times as needed. The following fields are needed to retrieve the user’s token:

This call returns a JSON object with the following items:

And that's it! From here you can include the user’s token on calls to the various services we provide that need to identify or authenticate a user.

User Info Retrieval Call


After you have obtained the token for the user, you are all set in terms of authentication. Now, to retrieve user information, use the “me” endpoint with the token:


The default output of the call is a JSON object containing​

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