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A Better Routeplanner proudly becomes part of Rivian

A Better Routeplanner proudly becomes part of Rivian

We are super happy and proud to announce that A Better Routeplanner (and Iternio, the company behind ABRP) has been acquired by Rivian.

To clear out any potential worries: ABRP will continue to be what it is today – an essential tool for all existing and future EV drivers and for all brands and charger networks. On top of that, we will have more muscle to work out better data sources, more partnerships, and more feature growth than ever before.

We will continue to partner with all vehicle manufacturers who want to improve the ABRP experience in their vehicles and for their owners, to bring more and better live vehicle data and car integrations.

ABRP will power the Rivian in-car planner, and the Rivian app, which will allow users to plan trips in advance and send them to the car. Rivian's trip planning release this month will bring users some of the top requested features from ABRP, with more customization to come via the monthly software updates.

Conversely, the Rivian vehicle models in ABRP have now been updated to mature models based on input directly from the Rivian energy modeling team. The Rivian charger networks data are, of course, now available with live data in ABRP. And there is much more to come! Bo & the A Better Routeplanner team



Q: When is my favorite ABRP feature X in coming to Rivian’s trip planning?

Q: Why don't I get the same plan as ABRP when I use Rivian's trip planning?

Q: Will users driving other EVs than Rivian still be able to access and use ABRP?

Q: Will the basic version of ABRP still be available for free?

Q: Will the experience for non-american users still be the same?

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temporarily usingthis
temporarily usingthis
Jun 26, 2023

and there we go... reminds me of the Hammerhead aquisition by SRAM (road bike stuff). the FAQ was almost the same - everythings stays and even gets better. after 3 months it turned out it was all fairy tales. users of other brands were locked out, etc. good bye ABRP, it was a pleasure, but I will not buy a Rivian only to be able to further use you


Glitched Tesla
Glitched Tesla
Jun 22, 2023

Well good luck. Not my first choice on acquisition. I really loved the app and thought it was really getting good in features even if it ran slow as a dog in the in car browser

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