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A Better Routeplanner 4.4.0

Introducing our new sleek Driving Mode: track trip progress, access charge stop & waypoint details easily, and enjoy the enhanced companion display with live vehicle data*. Take it for a spin!

New Look: A sleeker Driving Mode

We've refreshed the look of Driving Mode to give you a better driving companion on your phone.

Driving Mode companion screen

Utilize the screen of your phone as an extended display, when using ABRP in CarPlay or Android Auto, showing detailed information about upcoming stops and current energy consumption*.

Details about upcoming stops at a glance

Simply slide up the SoC bar and we'll show the details about your upcoming stops. Toggle left or right to view information about the different ones.

Faster Alternative Routes

Options while driving has become more accessible to you, just swipe up and you're ready to ask for an alternative route, change the view mode, settings, etc. We've also made sure to speed up the process of generating alternative routes.

Also available for the Polestar 2

The new version of driving mode is also available for the Polestar 2, making even better use of its larger screen.

In summary, this update makes ABRP an even better navigation companion for the EV driver. Try the web version of A Better Routeplanner and see the new features and UI updates today!

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*Requires a live data connection. Please see our Live Data Comparison for compatibility and alternatives. For instructions on how to link your vehicle, visit our FAQ.

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