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  • Katya Skog

A Better Routeplanner powers MyŠKODA EV planning

The MyŠKODA official Škoda owner app has just released the long-awaited functionality to plan trips with their Škoda ENYAQ iV family of electric vehicles. The planning is provided by the service behind ABetterRouteplanner, the Iternio EV Planning API - the world’s reference EV planning service. High-quality charger data for the service is provided by our partner Eco-Movement.

It is an honor for us to be selected by and work with the manufacturer of one of the world’s best EVs and the fast-moving team behind the app. Expect more updates on the planner in the app with time! is the world’s largest independent EV route planning service and simply the best way to plan and drive with your EV. The quality of the planning makes it the world reference and we continuously improve it with the help of feedback from the millions of users using it.

Thank you MyŠKODA for working with us and thank you to all our users for making ABRP better!

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