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  • Katya Skog

A Better Routeplanner 4.7.0

We are delighted to present ABRP 4.7.0, which includes a range of new features and improvements. You can now upload photos of your favorite charger to help locate them more easily. Additionally, we have updated the charger details screen with a fresh new look and streamlined the buttons to provide you with more screen space for your EV plans. We hope you find these updates helpful and enjoy using ABRP even more!

Charger images

After adding charger ratings and charger characteristics in ABRP 4.4.2, we're now supporting images of charger locations. Users can now add images to help fellow EV drivers explore the suggested chargers in their plans.

New look: A cleaner and more useful charger details page

The charger details page has been refreshed to use the available space better. View available charger stalls, images, characteristics such as trailer-friendliness and nearby amenities - all in one place!

New look: Cleaner plan and drive buttons

We've shifted from the original round planning button for a sleeker and more space-saving design, better suited for smaller screens.

Easier access: Right-click to add a waypoint

In the web version of A Better Routeplanner, you can now easily modify your route by adding custom waypoints. To do so, right-click on the desired location on the map and choose whether you want to add it as a guidepoint, regular waypoint, or the final destination. This feature makes it more convenient to plan your route according to your preferences.

You may also open details for the location to see the approximate address and coordinates.

In summary, this update makes ABRP an even better navigation companion for the EV driver. Try the web version of A Better Routeplanner and see the new features and UI updates today!

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Krzysztof Lewandowski
Krzysztof Lewandowski

ABRP version 4.7.3 without navigation set does not track the route. The icon moves off the map on the screen. The application works on Android, not AndroidAuto. Is there any way to remedy this? To make the map move while driving without a plan. I'm using CarlinKit 8G+128G Android 13 CarPlay TV AI Box Ultra

Katya Skog
Katya Skog

Hi Krzysztof, although we cannot guarantee that the app works as intended when run on third-party AA devices - please submit a support ticket regarding the issue you're experiencing. You'll find all official support options at the bottom of the settings menu in the app and on the website.

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