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  • Katya Skog

A Better Routeplanner 4.6.0

We are happy to release ABRP 4.6.0 with a refreshed screen layout for large and small screens, faster maps, more charger network markers on the map for a better overview, and many performance improvements.

Refreshed UI

A new, cleaner look with refreshed menu panels on the web and on tablets.

Performance improvements, faster - even on less powerful platforms

The app has been optimized and now performs even better, especially noticeable on devices with limited resources.

Charger network icons on the map

We continue to add more logo icons reflecting the network of the charger for a clearer overview of what chargers are available around you and along the route.

Send to Tesla* now sends the charger (with battery conditioning) for Superchargers

The 'Send to Tesla' feature now supports the actual charger details being shared with the car, allowing

the Tesla to precondition the battery for charging at the location. No need for manual input anymore!

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*Requires a live data connection. Please see our Live Data Comparison for compatibility and alternatives. For instructions on how to link your vehicle, visit our FAQ.

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