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Tesla Model X Consumption vs Speed

Similar to the post about Tesla Model S Consumption vs Speed, there is a lot of data from Model X owners driving around with ABRP active in their browsers and logged in with MyTesla.

This is data from 1.2 million driving points from 279 Model X vehicles covering 160 000 km (100,000 miles), and almost all data points are included and corrected for elevation changes:

The blue points are individual power consumption samples. The yellow points are the median power consumption for each speed (to remove outliers), and the red line is a fitted fourth-order polynomial model of power vs. speed. At 30 m/s (approx. 110 km/h or 65 mph), the median consumed power for a Model X is about 25 kW.

The ABRP reference consumption from this data becomes:

  • Metric: 237 Wh/km at 110 km/h

  • Imperial: 367 Wh/mile at 65 mph

Which is lower than the default settings in ABRP. This is not a complete mix of all factors, such as different vehicles, wheels, temperatures, weather, etc.

For fun, we can compare Model S and Model X curves:

Tesla Model S consumption

Tesla Model X consumption

We can see that at low speeds, for example, 10 m/s (36 km/h or 22 mph), the power consumption for both vehicles is pretty similar at about 7-8 kW. At high speeds, though, the much worse aerodynamic drag of the Model X comes into play with full force. At 40 m/s (145 km/h or 90 mph), the Model S consumes 36 kW (250 Wh/km or 402 Wh/mile), whereas the Model X needs 45 kW (312 Wh/km or 503 Wh/mile) to maintain speed.

Note that you can easily convert from instantaneous power (in W) to energy-per-distance using the formula Energy-per-distance [Wh/distance] = Power [W] / speed [distance/h]

Like this kind of data? Contribute data from your car, too, by logging in to MyTesla in ABRP and allowing data to be shared.

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