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Tesla Model S Consumption vs Speed

Thanks to generous donations of data from ABRP users driving around logged in with MyTesla, there are plenty of statistics to learn from. As of this post, about 2.6 Million data points are logged from 487 Tesla Model S vehicles while driving 350 000 km (217 000 miles) in the ABRP database.

Taking most of these data points into account, plotting them in a single chart, and fitting a model to them leads to the following result:

Blue points are data points corrected for elevation change, excluding vehicles with steep ascents or descents (as regen will only work up to a specific power). Yellow points are the power consumption median of the blue point cloud for every speed (to wash out outliers), and red is a fitted fourth-order power-vs-speed polynomial.

The chart shows that at 30 m/s (approx. 110 km/h or 65 mph) and at a flat road, the median Model S consumes about 20 kW. That is quite a lot of power – more than my house can consume – and still much better than any ICE with their lousy efficiency.

The ABRP reference consumption from this data becomes:

  • Metric: 188 Wh/km at 110 km/h

  • Imperial: 291 Wh/mile at 65 mph

That is clearly lower than the default reference consumption in ABRP! But it better be conservative than running out of juice.

Note that this is for vehicles worldwide in various temperatures and weather. We will revisit this data with respect to other temperatures soon.

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