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A Better Routeplanner 5.0

image of an iPhone showcasing the Rivian Charging Score feature in A Better Routeplanner

We're excited to unveil A Better Routeplanner 5.0! This update includes new features and improvements to enhance your EV route planning experience. Here’s a brief overview of the key updates:

Rivian Charging Score now available in A Better Routeplanner

In April, Rivian announced an industry-first feature to give Rivian drivers even more confidence on extended trips. They introduced a charging score for fast charging stations—both Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) and third-party stations -- that uses charging speeds and other plug-in data from Rivian vehicles to steer drivers to the most reliable fast chargers. With A Better Routeplanner 5.0, ABRP and Rivian are teaming up to bring this feature to all ABRP users in the U.S. and Canada, for free!

The Rivian Charging Score feature showcased in A Better Routeplanner on the web

You can now link your Rivian to A Better Routeplanner

Link your Rivian vehicle to ABRP via the new official connection option and get even more accurate route estimates.

an image of two iPhones displaying how the new live data connection for Rivian vehicles is used in A Better Routeplanner

New Over-the-Air Live data option

With ABRP Premium Live Data from Enode, almost all electric vehicles can connect to ABRP for real-time data. This means you can get accurate, up-to-the-minute information while driving, without needing any extra accessories*. This live data makes our route predictions more precise, helping you plan your trips better.

*Except for the manufacturer's own connected services.

An iPhone showcasing the new live data feature using the Enode connection for various electric vehicles in A Better Routeplanner ABRP

ABRP is now available on Google Automotive

You can now install and use ABRP directly in vehicles that support Google Automotive. This means even more drivers (beyond Polestar owners) can benefit from ABRP’s features and live data. Polestar owners can continue to use the existing app or try the new integrated Google Automotive version.

A Better Routeplanner run on Google Automotive , Google Built-in

Real-time charger status for all

We’re excited to announce that real-time charger status, i.e., whether a charger is busy or available (or even broken), is now available to all users, not just premium subscribers. This means everyone can see the current status of chargers without needing a premium subscription.

Premium subscribers will still get the added benefit of receiving updated plans with live charger data and forecasts of how busy it will be when you actually arrive. This gives premium users the most current information to help plan their routes and ensure smooth charging.

two iPhones showcasing real-time charger data in A Better Routeplanner with status information for in-use and available charger stalls

Make ABRP pick the charging locations best suited for you

You can now plan your trip with features like trailer friendliness, suitability for children and dogs, or availability of open restrooms, all based on reports from other ABRP users.

An image of an iPhone showcasing settings for enabling preference for different charger location characteristics in A Better Routeplanner such as trailer friendliness, dog friendliness, kid friendliness and if there are restrooms available

Recharged UI

Our new, sleek, and user-friendly interface is easier to navigate and adapts better to different screen sizes.

Start planning your next electric road trip today!




Q: Where is real-time charger data available?

A: Currently, in most countries, but ultimately, it will depend on whether the operator of the charging network is interested in sharing their data. Missing live status for a network? Let our support team know here!

Q: Where is Rivian Charger Score available?

Q: Is my EV supported for ABRP Premium Live Data?

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