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A Better Routeplanner 3.8.0

We are celebrating that ABRP users have planned over 10 million routes with the release of ABRP 3.8!

As usual, we release new features, bug fixes, and car models continuously, but with ABRP 3.8, we also introduce some brand-new updates:

  • Better road speed estimates, especially for those non-interstate roads where we have been quite pessimistic about speeds (and therefore optimistic about consumption). This is much more accurate - let us know if you still find exceptions!

  • More alternative routes were evaluated. Driving an EV slower usually means a lot lower consumption, and if you include charging into the equation, taking the slower (but potentially shorter) route may result in a faster overall trip. ABRP now evaluates more routes to give you better - and sometimes more scenic - routes for your travels.

  • We have brought navigation mode in ABRP! This is a straightforward real-time navigation with turn instructions. As you get closer to a turn, ABRP will zoom in on the relevant part of the map and show you textual instructions on how to turn. This may be all you need as a reminder to take the exit for the next charger - try it out!

Enable navigation mode by clicking the navigation button on the right edge button bar.

  • Ferry lines can now be added as a waypoint: Right-click (or long-click) the ferry line on the map and select "Add as a waypoint."

  • We have added a lot of new car models in ABRP, including the Porsche Taycans, Rivian R1S and R1T, Volkswagen ID.3, and many, many more!


Bo, Jason, and the entire ABRP team

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