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A Better Routeplanner 3.4.0

Today we proudly release ABRP 3.4 with a bunch of improvements and new goodies! Most ABRP fans would know by now that most of these features have already been released quietly as soon as they were implemented, which is how we usually work. This new version is just to announce it properly so that you do not miss it!


A lot of new car models, mostly in the alpha stage, which means that we know approximately how they work but we need your feedback to refine them further.

The complete car model list now includes

  • Tesla Model S, 3, X, Roadster 2020

  • Audi e-tron

  • BMW i3

  • Chevy Bolt

  • Hyundai Ioniq and Kona

  • Jaguar I-Pace

  • Kia Niro and Soul EV

  • Nissan Leaf

  • Opel Ampera-e

  • Renault Zoe

  • Volkswagen e-Golf

Improved planning for CCS and Chademo vehicles

  • The sheer amount of (somewhat arbitrarily placed) CCS and Chademo chargers makes optimal route finding impossible; the updated ABRP algorithms manage to find good close-to-optimal routes fast.

  • Chargers with many stalls will be given a small benefit in planning since it is more likely that you find a free stall at those. They may also be broken less often...

Preferred charger networks. ABRP now tracks which charger operator/network each charger belongs to, and if you click one charger belonging to a network, you can select "Prefer...". This, in turn, will give chargers from this network a small benefit in planning, meaning they will be used more often than others. This is still a soft decision, though, so if no useful chargers from your favorite networks are reasonable, other chargers will be used.

Many, many more small improvements.

Please give us your feedback on the ABRP forums or Twitter!

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