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A Better Routeplanner 3.3.0

A Better Routeplanner has always been about two things to make life as an EV owner as smooth as possible: Planning at home and following up while driving. In a Tesla, specifically with telemetry via MyTesla, the ABRP driving mode has been working smoothly, but in a mobile phone or iPad, the driving mode has been absent. Now ABRP 3.3 changes that!

Release highlights

  • Driving mode, with or without telemetry. As soon as you move fast enough, ABRP will switch to driving mode and display a graph of the next route leg, including elevation and expected battery State-of-Charge % (SoC), together with estimated arrival time.

  • Full-screen mobile web app. If you go to ABRP in your mobile phone or iPad browser, you can “Add to Home Screen” in your browser. The ABRP icon on your home screen will then launch ABRP in full-screen mode, which works more like an ordinary app. More space for graphs!

  • Avoid ferries, tolls, and highways. If you want to have more interesting routes, you can now disable any of these. This also improves the previous avoid ferries function, which was not ideal.

  • OBD telemetry. Just like we fetch SoC and other car data via MyTesla, we can use OBD data for other car brands and get real-time SoC and other information for convenience while driving. More information about how to set up an OBD reader with ABRP.

  • Manual SoC input. If you are not fetching information from your car via telemetry (MyTesla or ODB), you can now manually input your actual SoC. This is shown as a big battery symbol above the driving mode window.

  • Improved reference consumption estimation. With telemetry or manual battery input, ABRP will now estimate your reference consumption, even if you do not have a route planned.

The end user’s license agreement has been updated to allow ABRP to store anonymous drive data. There is no way to track this data back to anyone, even if our servers get hacked, and we will use it to improve our planning and car models even further for a better experience for everyone.

The lowlight of the release is Teslas v9 software, which forces its own map in the background at all times. For Model S and X users with the old MCU (before March 2018), this makes ABRP almost unusably slow in the car browser. Tell your Tesla representatives.

Driving Mode with Manual SoC Input

If you are driving a car without telemetry, you can still get a visual indication of your actual SoC (battery %) compared to the plan by letting ABRP know your actual SoC. Adjust the estimated SoC in the green battery icon to match your car’s SoC.

  • Click to the left of the icon to decrease the actual SoC

  • Click to the right of the icon to increase the actual SoC

  • Click in the middle of the icon to confirm that ABRP’s estimate is correct

By doing this, you get a blue SoC graph overlaid on the grey planned SoC in driving mode, and you can visually see how you are doing. Also, you help ABRP improve our car models and planning and thereby help all other fellow EV owners!

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