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Do you want to contribute to make your favourite EV-application even better and join a passionate community?  There are lots of way which you can help us become even better.  Write a blog post, translate our app, become a tester, report bugs and many more.

Or maybe you have another idea of how you can improve the driving experience for millions of EV drivers? 

We are hiring!

Or do you want to work in a tech company trying to improve the experience of EV drivers? Are you passionate about new technology and want to join an organization that is world-leading within its field?

We are on a journey to develop new technological solutions in order to make a meaningful, positive impact on the world. We are currently looking to expand our team! 

ABRP has been helping - and creating - EV drivers for more than 5 years. 

Through the world's leading EV route planner we have helped millions of users plan their next EV trip. ABRP is a highly flexible application that can be customized according to your needs.  We continuously work with CPO:s and MSP:s to provide you with the most up-to-date realtime status. In addition to our application, we also provide an API so you can integrate our planning in your service. 

How it started

ABRP was started and run as a hobby project by Bo just after he got his first Tesla in 2016. He realized that there was no good way to plan his upcoming trips outside of the car and that it would help a lot to be able to follow up on a plan in the Tesla in-car browser while driving. Since then ABRP has become an essential tool for any road trip by experienced EV owners, and a great way for EV beginners to learn and feel confident.

Our company Iternio was formed in 2018 with the mission to continue driving the free service ABRP (with Premium functions) while providing the planning API and other services to partners. 

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For Businesses: Our APIs

The core of Iternio is our EV route planning algorithms, made accessible for digital products through our EV Planning API and cloud service. 
The EV route planning algorithms are continuously improved and updated to give the best possible EV plans in any situation. The EV world changes and improves all the time, and so do we.
The largest customer of the API is ABRP, which is how we keep it on the frontier of innovation and ahead of everyone else.

For Consumers: ABRP

ABetterRouteplanner is the world's most popular consumer EV routeplanner - both for beginner and experienced EV drivers. And of course for anyone curious about EVs.

With the user community around ABRP, we are getting tons of help to innovate and improve on the product and EV planning in general.

ABRP is free to use and has a Premium membership to get access to all the most advanced stuff such as CarPlay, live traffic, and real-time charger data. 

Iternio stands on two legs


We create the world's leading EV planner

Over 130,000,000 plans calculated

Support for all major EV manufacturers, chargers and platforms

Real-time charger, weather, and traffic status

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