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  • Jason Rapp

Helping ABRP - Improving Car Models

We have three levels of car model confidence, which we use to label the cars in the planner:

  1. Alpha - Modeled manually by us, these are generally closely matched to the EPA and WLTP range provided by the manufacturer but won't perfectly represent the car.

  2. Beta - Modeled based on some real-world data.

  3. Release (no label) - Modeled based entirely on real-world data.

Live Data

To move a model out of Alpha, we need real-world data, and that's where you come in! A Live Data connection is the best way to get that real-world data. The first step is to check your car against our list of Live Data Support and see if it's already supported. If so, great! Set up Live Data, and once we have enough data, we'll promote the model from Alpha. Of course, setting up Live Data also has a ton of benefits for you as a driver as well:

  1. We automatically calibrate your car and account for things like extra passengers, cargo boxes, bikes, and weather.

  2. You get a live graph and arrival predictions of the state of charge while in Driving Mode.

  3. You get completion estimates while charging and can see the charging status.

And, of course, if we don't currently support your car but you know how to get data from your car, we provide an API to connect Live Data with us. Send us an email at if you'd like more information about this, and our API Docs are available on our Postman.

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