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An Introduction to ABRP

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A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is the world's most popular route planner for Electric Vehicles (EVs). This is a brief introduction to how you can use it.

First of all, ABRP is available on many different platforms. We have an iOS app, an Android app, and a web page. We also have a version you can run directly in the Polestar 2 on the Android Automotive platform. You can use any of these platforms and if you create an ABRP account, all settings and plans will be kept in sync between your devices.

The Basics


Before you start to plan your route you need to click on the blue button to select your vehicle.

Now we are ready to make a plan. Click on the address field and type the destination you are going from. Select one of the options that appear below.

Do the same thing with the destination you are going to.

Basic Settings vs Advanced Settings


Settings are found by clicking the logo icon, or hamburger menu if you are on the web, in the top left corner of the app. By default, the none advanced mode is active which gives you the most basic settings for your planning. If you turn on Advanced settings you will get this view.

The basic settings


Car model
If you are logged in you can save your car to your account. If you have the free version you can only save one car. If you didn't save your car in the first step you do that by clicking on your car and then click on Save.

Departure SoC (State of charge)
The battery percent you start with. You need to change this to your car's actual percentage. If your car is connected to an OBD-dongle or a third-party app, this is read through them.

Reference consumption
We have calculated the consumption of each car model through an algorithm.  If your car is connected to an OBD-dongle or a third-party app, this is read through them.

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Charging stops

Charging stops

By moving the slider you are telling us how to plan your trip. Do you want to stop often and have short charging stops then move the slider all the way to the right to Short but many.

If you want longer stops where you have more time to do something else like take a fika then pick the option Few but long.

The option that will take you the quickest to where you need to go is the option in the middle where ABRP optimize your stops for the Quickest arrival.

Charge cards


If you have a charging card from a charging network you can add it here and then the prices that are connected to the card will be shown in the plan.

Showing charger prices 

For some chargers, more than one of your cards can be used to charge. In this case, we can either show prices from the cheapest option or your primary card if you have one.


Plan route preferring charger that is supported by my cards

If this setting is switched on it we will aim to avoid chargers where you can not pay with any of your added charge cards. Remember that this setting might give you a longer plan or no plan at all depending on what charge cards you have added to ABRP.

Chargers & Networks

Fast chargers
Once you have selected your car, the charging type that matches your car is displayed here. All cars that use CCS chargers can also use Level 2 chargers and most Teslas can use CCS chargers. Some cars use Chademo.

Network preferences

Here you can select the charging networks you prefer. You can rank them by choosing different settings. Be aware that some of the settings can make a plan not work. For example, if you set Never use this network for IONITY and most of the chargers on the route are IONITY you will not get a working plan. 

Chargers to avoid
You can see the chargers you have chosen to avoid here.

Charger availability
Use real-time charger availability and forecast in planning, if available.

Minimum charger stalls
Preferred minimum number of charger stalls at charging locations.



Destination arrival SoC
Minimum percent that you want your battery to have when you reach the final destination.

Charger arrival SoC
Minimum percent that you want your battery to have when you reach any charger or waypoint.

Charger max SoC
Maximum percent that you want your battery to achieve when charging.

Charging overhead
Overhead time at every charge stop. A higher value here will lead to fewer but longer charge stops.

Charger arrival SoC needs to have a lower percentage than the Departure SoC otherwise the plan will fail.



Real-time traffic
Use real-time traffic speeds for the first legs of the trip.

Reference speed
Speed factor relative to the speed limits or estimated speed of the road.

Maximum speed
The maximum speed allowed, even if speed limits allow more.

Adjust speed
Allow the planner to lower the maximum speed for individual legs if this is needed to reach the next charger.


Battery degradation
Assumed battery degradation of the car compared to a brand new battery.

Initial vehicle temperature
Vehicle temperature at the beginning of the plan - accounts for e.g. initial heating.

Extra weight
Weight for additional persons or luggage (driver already accounted for).

Road conditions


Real-time weather
Use live temperature and weather information

Avoid on route
Avoid including highways, ferries, tolls, or country border crossings (alpha) on the route.

User interface


Choose the language you prefer.


Choose the units you want to use.

Display theme

Choose if you want the page to be dark or light.

Full screen

Hide the status bar.

Currency code

Choose the currency you prefer.



Map type

Choose between satellite, hybrid, or ABRP map.

Map follows theme

By selecting this option the map will automatically follow the color theme of the app.

Detailed chargers

Shows live status and more chargers on the map.



Route directions

Show route directions when driving.

Alternative routing (beta)

Uses a different live traffic routing engine.

Navigation iPhone


Voice guidance

The app gives you voice guidance on your route

Include street names

The app also reads street names

Planning a trip


Iternio Planning AB Scheelevägen 15

SE-22363 Lund, Sweden

CEO Bo: +46 706115922

Information about the charging stop

If you click on the name of the charging stop you will get more information about the time for charging, prices and kW.

To get the prices in the currency you want, you must change the selected currency in the settings. Go to Settings -> App settings -> User Interface -> Currency code.

Information about your route

If you click at the time of the route this view will turn up. Here you can see the total charging time, information about the alternative route, average consumption, and the total cost of charging.

Change charging duration

If you click on the pen next to the charging stop you will get this view.

Arrival SoC Here you can fill in desired battery percentage when you arrive at the charger

Charge Change the number of kW and time

Departure Your desired departure time

Charger status

If you click on the charger symbol on the map you get this view where you can see the status of the charger. The circle is divided into as many pieces as there are chargers on the charging station.

Green shows how many chargers are available

Red shows how many chargers are occupied

Red lines show broken chargers

Grey shows that we don´t get any information about the charger

You can change the order of the addresses by grabbing the dotted part on the left and dragging them to the right place in the list.

Add waypoint

You can add a Waypoint either by clicking on Add waypoint or right-click on the map.

Share plan

Share ABRP link

You can share the link of your plan. For example, you can send a link to our support if you have a problem with your route.

You can also share your route to other maps.

Amenities - add stops to your trip


By clicking at Amenity you can add a restaurant, hotel, or a shopping place on your route.

Driving Mode

Save plan

Once you have made a plan, you can save it by clicking on the heart icon. You save it as a current plan. By clicking the pen icon next to your plan you can edit the name of the plan or remove it.


Driving with CarPlay

In the top right corner, you can see the status of your battery (89%) and expected battery percentage on arrival (87%). 

On the left, you can see the sign telling you how many kilometers it is before you take a turn to the right. In the second image, this sign turns blue when you are closer to your turn. At the bottom of the sign, you can also see a line going straight ahead and you are choosing the one going to the right.

Colour of the roads

The color of the road changes when the amount of traffic changes. When it's red there is a lot of traffic, for example during traffic work or during rush hour. ​

When the road is yellow there is a little more traffic but no major impact.

Live data

The red bars next to the battery percentage show that the car is connected to a device or an app that shows live data. When the bars are red you are not connected. The second image with the green bars shows that you are connected.

Make a plan

To make a plan you first need to type in a departure address and an arrival address. Start to type it in and then choose the right address in the drop down menu. 

Click at the blue button to plan your trip.

This is how a plan looks like with a charging stop. Not every trip have a charging stop. It depends how long your trip is and what kind of car you have.

If you want to make a new trip you need to clear the address fields. Click on Restart and then Clear.

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